The Gatekeepers’ Charge — My Novel



A mysterious wood, a growing evil, and secrets…

When Ned Nasterdly unearths a centuries old dungeon in the Wysiwyg Wood, the lives of those in the Magical World will never be the same – and the evil may exude the boundaries into another realm.

Stormy Reed thought himself fairly normal. But when the bizarre starts becoming the norm, an unknown creature attacks him, and three people disappear from the lake, Stormy finds himself at the center of it all. His world begins to fall apart as questions arise that he cannot answer. When he discovers a hidden cabin across the lake, he is left with secrets of his own, terrified, and fearing for his sanity.

With the help of the Gatekeepers, Lionel and Eaglantine Griffin, Stormy will discover the truth about his life and a destiny he may not survive. Torn between the mortal world in which he lives and the Magical World from whence he came, Stormy realizes that his adventure is just beginning.

Not just another fantasy story, this tale blends the quirkiness of small town life with that of a magical world, and offers story based recipes scattered throughout the book.




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