On The Chain Gang #18 — Who Am I and Why?

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My previous Link in the Blog Chain was on the topic of Writerly Advice.


This Round’s Topic is:


Do you choose WHAT you do because of WHO you are? Or is who you are determined by what you do?


Who Am I and Why?


It’s complicated…BOTH! I think we do things originally because of who we are, how we’ve been raised, where we’ve grown up. But as we go through life gaining experiences — good, bad, difficult, easy, indifferent — the lessons learned play a part in what we do. My belief is that we are continually changing, which enriches our personality with depth, and change makes life interesting.

It is with this idea in mind that I write my characters. A character with a singular perspective would be boring as heck to write…and even worse to read. Weaving the layers of environment and experience offers a more realistic persona and chances for growth and emotion in your characters. Multi-faceted characters create innumerous story-lines to follow and explore.

When you have an exciting character to write — it makes writing all the more fun! I love to let my characters run free and show me what they want to do. The challenge when something goes astray from my plans for the story thrills me, and puts my writing skills to the test working through the unexpected twists and turns.


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12 Responses to “On The Chain Gang #18 — Who Am I and Why?”

  1. Nice to see another person thinks it’s both.

  2. “Change makes life interesting.”

    Amen, sister! 🙂 I totally agree.

  3. Nice post. I completely agree with you, particularly about having interesting characters. The more realistic they are, the more we as readers “feel” their path through the story.

  4. Great post! I do so love a fascinating character – one who makes you not want to reach the end of the book for fear of not being able to hang out with them anymore.

  5. You’re correct. Layers in a character makes him/her more interesting. It’s the same with the author. 🙂

  6. Love that…and yep, we must always layer our characters. Great job.

  7. I agree that we are continuously changing, and that our experiences as we go through life make us who we are! Great answer!

  8. So very true! I write because of the characters and nothing else. Great post!

  9. Great post! I agree that we do change each and every day. The choices we make, people we meet, all have an effect on who we become.

  10. “My belief is that we are continually changing, which enriches our personality with depth, and change makes life interesting.” I couldn’t agree with this more!

  11. Yes, love it when our characters are allowed to do what they need to do on their journeys!

  12. I think Young Bill Young filling in for me in a post about David Brin.s book Kiln People has a lot more to say on this topic than I.
    I wonder if I will wake up some morning and ask, Am I me?

    Buzz up!

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