On The Chain Gang #17 – Writerly Advice

My LINK in the Blog Chain

THE BLOG CHAIN is comprised of a group of fiction writers from Query Tracker and Rally Storm. We thought it would be fun and insightful to acquire differing ideas and opinions on a particular writing topic.

So, we work through the chain posting one-by-one with the same general focus, and then, we repeat the process with a new topic for discussion. Look here for Annie Louden’sfabulous advice, and follow this link to Bonny Anderson tomorrow. If you’d like to read the chain from the beginning, start at Cole Gibsen’s blog..

All Blog Chain members are listed in the sidebar to the right.
This is my first blog since going on hiatus for personal reasons back in April 2009. It’s nice to be back! My previous Link in the Blog Chain was on the topic of Critique Groups.


This Round’s Topic is:


This blog chain is a game! Your subject is writerly advice. (I just made that word up. Hee) Pretend you are addressing a crowd of aspiring authors eager to soak in your words of knowledge. The problem is, you’ve only been given a time slot of five seconds. In one sentence (no more than 20 words), please summarize the most important words of wisdom you can impart. You can elaborate and address questions only in the comments section.


Writerly Advice


Get your work out there — your goal is for people to see it anyway — get over your fears!!!


I would love to hear from you…leave me a COMMENT. hmmm

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~ by bloggingexperiments on August 26, 2009.

13 Responses to “On The Chain Gang #17 – Writerly Advice”

  1. That’s such good advice! And some that I’m not so good at following. I’ll get over it though, sooner or later. Great post!

  2. Ooo, great advice!!! I struggled with that one at first. It’s scary to put your stuff out there for the world to see! 😀

  3. So true! It’s important to not be scared to let others read your work. I mean, that’s the goal isn’t it? You want thousands of people to read your work. It’s hard the first time, but it gets easier and I have to confess that I get a little excited every time someone new reads what I’ve written! 😉

  4. Oooh, good one! I was struggling with this today, feeling shy about putting my query and work out there. We must get over it :). It’s our goal, after all!

  5. Fabulous advice! I think this is one of the biggest stumbling blocks there is.

  6. Excellent advice – and we are so glad you’re back!!!

  7. Welcome back! Stellar advice, especially considering my blog post from yesterday.

    Good to see you back on the chain. We missed you.

  8. Fear is a tough one and this advice is particularly relevant. One of the things that kept me from putting my stuff out there for so long was fear. Great post!

  9. Welcome back! Great advice. Taking the plunge and starting in on the whole query/submission process is daunting, but you learn a lot along the way–all of which can make you a better writer.

  10. Oooh, i have to remind myself of this each and everytime I hit the “send” key on a new query email!

  11. You’re absolutely right.

  12. Welcome back! Isn’t it funny how we can fear something we desire?

  13. You're absolutely right.;. All the best!!

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