On The Chain Gang #14 — Book Marketing

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THE BLOG CHAIN is comprised of a group of fiction writers from Query Tracker and Rally Storm. We thought it would be fun and insightful to acquire differing ideas and opinions on a particular writing topic.

So, we work through the chain posting one-by-one with the same general focus, and then, we repeat the process with a new topic for discussion. Christine Fonseca, has posted before me and Elana Johnson, will be posting after me. If you’d like to read the chain from the beginning, start at the Heather’s blog..

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My previous Link in the Blog Chain was on the topic of Character Torture.


This Round’s Topic is:


What plans do YOU have to market your novel? How will you make sure the public finds your work?


(Pssst, gang… this would be an ideal time to show us your book trailer, if you have one)




Marketing Smart-keting!



Marketing. What a fun concept to dream about! My fellow Blog Chainers have had some wonderful ideas for promoting their books.


Of course, this blog is a beginning in my journey in marketing. Social networking via writing groups and conferences, Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter are all stepping stones in building interest in myself as an author and my novels. But what fantasies do I entertain when dreaming about hitting the big time and getting my novel published?


For starters, I love the idea of doing a book tour and signings. Interviews? Bring them on. Advanced copies for reviewers? A fabulous tool of promotion. But what can be done to connect my marketing to my novel and thereby, my future readership? Well since my completed novel, THE GATEKEEPERS’ CHARGE, has a culinary component, it would be nice to tap into that part of the book by having a special recipe to handout, as well as a delicious treat to serve.


And, just because Heather asked…and I’m always willing to share…here is a version of my Book Trailer. This one has different music to it. Let me now what you think?



I think one of the most important things you can do to help promote your book is to have fun doing it. If you are excited about your project don’t be afraid to show it. Share your exuberance, be personable, be creative, and enjoy the ride.


I would love to hear from you…leave me a COMMENT. hmmm

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~ by bloggingexperiments on March 9, 2009.

9 Responses to “On The Chain Gang #14 — Book Marketing”

  1. Nice trailer…I can;t blieve I totally forgot to post mine…oh well, another time.

    Good job. Hmm, a culniary cross promo —good be CCOOOLLLL!!!

  2. I love your trailer! 🙂 And you have the funnest built-in marketing idea with the recipes. My kids are always wanting to try recipes they see in books – like we were reading Strawberry Shortcake the other night and she was making Valentine cookies, so they wanted to make some too 🙂 It is such a fun idea for kids books 🙂

  3. I think you make an excellent point when you say to have fun with marketing. Excitement can be infectious.

  4. Love the trailer, one day I have to get around to making one of those. I also love the idea of the recipe to hand out!

  5. Good idea about the recipes! Fantastic idea, pooling your blogging efforts! With my own releases, I grew exhausted from trying to do too much by myself and neglecting my new writing. It’s so hard to find balance! Kudos to you for your fine organization!
    –Janet Lane, http://janetlane.net

  6. Nice video

  7. That music is perfect for your trailer.

    And you’re spot on when it comes to having fun with marketing. Using a marketing plan that bores you can take the fun right out of an exciting project.

  8. I think the recipe tie-in is just so cool. Makes me wish my characters had any idea how to cook… 😉

  9. I like the new music for your trailer. Definitely fits better than the previous version. 😉

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