Have Your Cake And Read It Too


For all of my Writerly friends and all those who love books, I found this delectable recipe…


Literary Cake

By Wendy C. Brown

  • 1 cup confidence
  • 1/3 cup grammar
  • pinch of adjectives and modifiers
  • 3 pounds hard work
  • 1 1/2 cups thick skin
  • 4 cups friendship and support
  • 18 oz coffee-strong brewed
  • Mix all ingredients together. Combine with laptop and allow to marinate days on end. Spread in layers and check daily, tweeking ingredients as necessary. Serve to editors galore and share with friends and coffee. Mixture requires care but will never run out. Must be enjoyed 24 hours a day!


    I found this tasty gem at Thunder Rock Writers Blog. Cut yourself a nice big slice and get ready for the New Year!


    Remember we’re on a Countdown to the end of my NaBloPoMo and the ringing in of 2009… only


    Days left!


    Do you have any great recipes?

    Leave me a message in the COMMENTS! frozen-tongue


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    ~ by bloggingexperiments on December 30, 2008.

    3 Responses to “Have Your Cake And Read It Too”

    1. Mine’s been marinating waaaaay too long. 🙂

      Thanks for this post. It’s cute!

    2. Cute post! You writers do work hard. 😉

    3. Hey, thanks for listing the recipe and link to Thunder Rock Writers. Hope you all have a great new year writing!
      Wendy C. Brown

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