Christmas Boat Parade


Balboa Island bustled with Christmas cheer tonight for this year’s last run of the Newport Harbor Annual Boat Parade (it only runs for five nights each year). This year was the 100th celebration of the boat parade. We had a blast sitting on the beach watching the beautifully decorated boats sail past. A nice walk and some Starbucks made for a festive family evening.

Here are some pictures…











What Christmas traditions do you have where you live?

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~ by bloggingexperiments on December 21, 2008.

10 Responses to “Christmas Boat Parade”

  1. Those are just beautiful! What a fun tradition. It’s sad that it’s the last year! I live in Salt Lake City. There is a huge visitors center for the Mormon church called Temple Square. It is filled with beautiful trees and gardens. Every year the night after Thanksgiving half the city heads to Temple Square all bundled up and wait until dark when the millions of lights that fill the trees and walkways turn on. There is an audible gasp as everyone has their breath taken away. It’s beautiful!

    • Ritch in Love: Oh no, this is NOT the last year for the parade. In fact, this was the 100th celebration of the boat parade. Tonight was just the last run of THIS year. It runs for five nights only. Sorry, if my wording was confusing… 😉

  2. Wow! Those are amazing decorations! Thanks for sharing them in the pictures. We’re still figuring out our Christmas traditions. We’re still fairly new to the area and we might be moving again sometime soon. Hopefully we’ll get settled down somewhere that we can have something that we attend every Christmas.

    I wandered over to your blog from SITS.

  3. What a fabulous tradition! Love the photos too.

    We have a tree lighting ceremony in Austin where I live. Sadly, I haven’t been to one of those in years. Maybe next year?

  4. I remember riding that boat when I was little and going to the island amusement park with my Aunt. I’m old. 😦

    Hey, I’ve left you a tag on my blog. I thought your blog looked interesting. Hope you’ll come by, grab it and play along!

  5. Gorgeous pics! And I am just sooo jealous after reading the words, “sitting on the beach.” Sigh, that just sounds like heaven.

  6. Those are gorgeous. They warmed me up from the -10 degree temps we have right now where I live.

  7. What a beautiful parade! The pictures are so pretty, esp with the reflections on the water. We have local tree-lighting & caroling traditions here, but I enjoyed your marine festivities.

  8. Happy holidays, Abi!

  9. I heard about this, it looks awesome!

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