All right, I’ve finally seen Twilight the movie. And sadly, I must say that I was disappointed. I came home thinking that they could have done so much more to explain the story and relationships, which would have allowed viewers to connect with and feel for the characters. The screenwriters failed to provide meaningful dialogue leading to many, many lost opportunities.

I popped on the blog to post about this and discovered a marvelous link to Diane Curran’s blog, Write on Track, that describes my feelings to a tee. Something not mentioned in Diane’s post was the explanation of how the Cullen’s became a family, and I think there was plenty of time for this dialogue to take place.


My favorite scene in the movie was definitely the baseball game! Excellent!!! Well there you have it. I’m hoping for a better sequel.


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~ by bloggingexperiments on December 12, 2008.

13 Responses to “Twilight…Twi-not”

  1. That was absolutely another lost opportunity. Just the vague stuff about them being a foster family and ‘together’ was mentioned. (They could have talked about Rosalie being ‘created’ for Edward too, and him rejecting her – that would have put more of a sting on her dislike of Bella)

    I also meant to question Victoria’s appearance at the prom. Yeah, I can see that they’re trying to set that up as a cliffhanger. But Victoria does not appear in New Moon at all. So I hope that they’re not going to radically depart from the plot of New Moon to bring Victoria into it.

  2. I had a stronger reaction:

    The Twilight vamps were just so. . .toothless.

  3. I did read the books, but haven’t seen the movie yet. Part of me loved the books because it was an interesting concept, but I hated how Bella kind of became an pansy about everything. She wasn’t THAT strong of a character. But the more I read the reviews on blogs, people are pretty disappointed in the movie.

  4. I was talking with a group last night about Twilight. Most were disappointed. WE got on the subject of Edward’s sparkling and…lol, one of them said he was like a glittery disco ball. That made me laugh. But we were all complaining that the sparkling was not what it should have been. It should have been dazzling, like diamonds. And someone else popped up with, “but that would have made it seem unrealistic…”

    I’ll leave you with that, my sides hurt from laughing.

  5. Haven’t seen this one yet. But everyone seems to totally love it.

  6. I am sooo glad to hear (er, read) that you didn’t like it. I’ve felt so alone for such a long time. Whew. Maybe it’s not just me. I totally could have fallen asleep. In fact, my husband did, and I was jealous. Seriously. That bad. The blubbering at the end sealed the dislike for me. What was that? You have GOT to see something…posting it tomorrow on my blog. The funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Well, besides that hippo thing you had the other day. πŸ˜€

  7. it such an awsome novel that ive been read in the novel…^^
    i relly,relly like it!
    ive just beensink my teeth…lol

    thank u for the author whove been wrote…(Stephenie Meyer)
    more powers to ur career and have a good life with ur family as well….^^

  8. I absoulutly adore the book ,twilight, and the other books in the saga. I devoured them eagerly one after the other. I couldn’t wait to see the film, and I did enjoy it but I was a little disapointed. Though Catherine Hardwicke did a great job – it must be hard to live up to such a great book – as many people want to see twilight in their own special way. Although New Moon was my least favourite book in the Saga, I can’t wait till I see the film!

  9. watever the muvi is like….
    there is lot it xpressed and sad paert being there can be much more shown up over evrything ( btw: who cares the details/flashback of the muvi )

    the more u speak…the least u xpress πŸ˜€

  10. In My Opinion It Was A Great Movie.All Of The Actors Fit The Charecters Perfectly,And They Were All Wonderfull Actors. The Person Who Did The Script Did A Great Job. And Personally I Cant Wait For New Moon!!

  11. I think it is fine. The actor and actress can act perfectly.

  12. hey hey hey ! i love tiwlight !

  13. i love

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