So, This Is Called Trimming The Tree…


Trimming the Tree, A Victorian Christmas in Canada, Dominion China, Bradford Exchange

My friends, I was so exciting about decorating our family Christmas tree last night. I had the camera ready to go, the boxes (and boxes, and boxes…) of decorations out of their storage closet, the hot chocolate ingredients setting on the marble slan waiting for just the right moment, Christmas music filled the house, and an air of anticipation made everyone all giggly. What fun.

So here is a picture of our Christmas tree…



Huh?…What?…*ahem, cough, cough* Uh, you posted the wrong picture.


NOPE! This is what was accomplished last night.

You see, each year around Christmas time, it seems one of our vehicles decides it wants a Christmas present in the form of some repair or other. (And this is where it’s my fault, because the thought crossed my mind just TWO days ago that the vehicles didn’t need anything this year.) Fast forward to last night…

Sonny boy got home from school and got cracking on his homework, so he’d be finished with it before our incredibly busy, non-stop, event-packed weekend. We had started the weekly washing — the piles and piles of laundry that two teenagers create is one of the world’s greatest wonders. laundry When it came time to move the wet load to the dryer, yep, that’s when it all happened. The dryer quit. It was broken, kaput, had given up the ghost. There was no hope for it — at all.

With the monster heap of dirty clothes staring us in the face, and knowing there was no time to spend hours at the laundromat, we decided I needed to run out and purchase a new dryer. Hubby and son would get the tree up and the lights strung while I was gone. We would decorate when I returned.

It was a good plan. It was only 5:30pm, we could do this. Turn on the super powers! superman I rushed out the door to Sears where a very nice, older lady helped me. I don’t think she could have moved any slower. After getting all the facts, I zoomed to Best Buys to compare, back to Sears with a few more questions, off to Home Depot, back to Sears. I placed the order with the same snail-like salesperson and handed her the credit card. It wouldn’t go through — turns out, hubby hadn’t called to activate the new card when it arrived. just-a-minute Easy fix, and off I ran home with a Sunday delivery date for the new dryer. Phew! phew

By this time it was a little after 8 o’clock. I was tired. I came through the kitchen door and walked out into the living room to see the tree…there it was, standing with only half the lights on and the rest stretched out across floor and sofas. Obviously, the tree had felt neglected and wanted new lights for Christmas. That was it — the end of my rope. By the time we would have returned with new lights it would be too late to start the decorating. My girly-bopette was very disappointed.

Now, I’m shooting for a small window of opportunity on Sunday morning after church, before sonny boy has to leave for his school concert, and wriggling around the delivery and installation of the new dryer. Do you think things could be anymore hectic? gah Luckily, I have tickets for the 7:30pm concert, so maybe I’ll get some essential laundry finished before the new school week begins. Thank the Lord, hubby’s suits and shirts are dry cleaned.

Looks like I’m getting a dryer for Christmas…maybe I’ll stick a bow on it. i-am-smiling


UPDATE: Check out the decorated tree at The Tree Is Trimmed!


Plans for tonight…Orange Lutheran versus Tesoro in the CIF Pac-5 Seminfinal at Santa Ana Bowl.



Do you have any great idea derailments to share?

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