It’s Christmastime!


Have I mentioned that I love the holidays? Yes, I think I have. Well, it’s true.

Already the Christmas music is playing (almost around the clock), and the decorating has begun. I like the decorating, but I hate having to put it all away when it’s time to go. As I blog about these different little things, I’ve noticed a pattern…Not that I didn’t already know it existed, but I have related it to my writing.


I enjoy the creative parts of things, not so much the clean up part. When writing, creativity flows — it’s exciting, surprising, invigorating, full of happy (even when the writing is not). Then the more analytical side of the process emerges. It’s not creative to sit down and think about the rules of grammar. And even when you have to re-write a section, it’s just not the same. Your brain is working in a methodical, critical mode, not imaginative. Trying to click between the two brain settings is difficult. I guess that’s where I suffer for my art…

TOMORROW I will be back On The Chain Gang. Stop in and find out what’s cooking this month. I don’t even know the topic yet, Sandra is starting the chain today.


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~ by bloggingexperiments on December 1, 2008.

2 Responses to “It’s Christmastime!”

  1. Thanks for dropping by my site, and congratulations on your own NaNo journey this year.

  2. sheesh, I’ve lot my techno aiblity in the shear madness that was nanowrimo – and totally worth it, i might add!!!
    Anway, I tried to leave a comment yesterday so I’m back to say Congrats to a virtual stranger who I’ve seen out and about in blogworld and well done on nanowrimo and your header/this web page are awesome. See? I’ve also lost total control of more than a mumbling vocabulary.
    And we’re decorating aroudn this house, too. There’s cleaning to be done but I’m going right to the decorating part. Happy Holidays! Will visit again … signed, Oh

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