Anyone Out Shopping Today?




But, what if you were going shopping for your novel or your WIP…

What would be on your shopping list?




Lancer football…Orange Lutheran gears up for tonight’s CIF quarterfinal game against Notre Dame of Sherman Oaks, 7:30pm at Santa Ana Stadium. I can’t wait for this game….It’s going to be exciting!!!


Leave me your shopping list ideas in a COMMENT! 🙂

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~ by bloggingexperiments on November 28, 2008.

3 Responses to “Anyone Out Shopping Today?”

  1. I didn’t go out shopping today, had to work. 😦
    But sent Joe out and he said it wasn’t as bad as last year. He’s a big guy though, no one really messes with him. lol!
    It’s more me, I get run over and my feet get stepped on. lol!
    Joe went out and got our son one of those game chair rockers. He’s been wanting one of those.
    Did you go out? How was it? Did you get any good deals?

  2. I love that Maxine Quote! So true.

  3. Ive Been Looking At THis Site

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