O Lu Sends Fountain Valley Home With Nothing!


It was an exhilarating night at Orange Coast College as the Pac-5 first round CIF playoff game between the Fountain Valley Barons and Orange Lutheran Lancers unfolded. Both teams came out tough, but the Lancers overran, out passed, and out played the Barons winning an easy 28-0 victory.

Next week Orange Lutheran will host Notre Dame of Sherman Oaks in the second round.


This was a busy week, which did not leave much time for writing. The revising I did manage, I am extremely happy with (as in the additional scenes mentioned in Revision Role, an earlier post this week). All that’s left now is two smaller sections that I might turn into one section.

Of course, once this major overhaul is completed, the process is never ending. I know that my critique partners will continue to make helpful suggestions. There is always an infinite amount of tweaking that can take place within a manuscript. At some point in time, you need to start sending the book out into the literary world. That time for THE GATEKEEPERS’ CHARGE and me is coming soon. And when that illusive and wondrous agent discovers they can’t live without representing my book, I’m sure the revising / editing process will begin again…

Any COMMENTS welcome!

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~ by bloggingexperiments on November 22, 2008.

One Response to “O Lu Sends Fountain Valley Home With Nothing!”

  1. I wish you nothing but luck!


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