Orange Lutheran Beats Mater Dei!!!


Regular season High School football ends this week, and for Orange Lutheran and Mater Dei, time ran out with six seconds left on the clock Thursday Night at Santa Ana Bowl.

The OLU – Lancers and Mater Dei – Monarchs have become an intense rivalry in Orange County with the Monarchs falling short in every game. Playing in one of the toughest leagues in the nation (ranked #4), these two teams, along with Servite, have had an interesting turn of events since the Trinity League was formed in 2006…Mater Die beats Servite, Servite beats Orange Lutheran, Orange Lutheran beats Mater Dei. So far this season, the tradition has held, but critics were ripe for a break picking Mater Dei to win over OLU.

Mater Dei scored first, but OLU tied the score before going into halftime. Mater Dei came back to the field and scored first again in the second half. OLU fought back pulling a couple of tricks straight from a magician’s bag and tied the score. Finally, OLU took the lead, but Mater Dei answered right back. OLU thought they scored again only to have it called back for holding. So, with six seconds left on the clock, OLU puts up a 43-yard field goal for the 24-21 VICTORY!

The night was thrilling, the air energized, and the voices at the end of the game hoarse. It was a great victory and the Trinity League tradition stands for another year. Maybe OLU will take Servite next year!

Trinity League Champions!

A title shared with Mater Dei and Servite

Congratulations Lancers on ending the regular season

4-1 in league and 8-2 overall.

Check out what Steve Fryer, OC Varsity, had to say before and after the game.

UPDATE – The coin flip determined playoff positions:
1. Servite 2. Mater Dei 3. Orange Lutheran.


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One Response to “Orange Lutheran Beats Mater Dei!!!”

  1. Sounds like an exciting game. They came out looking pretty great for the season.

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