Get A Free Starbucks Coffee!

Be Sure To VOTE!!!


~ by bloggingexperiments on November 3, 2008.

One Response to “Get A Free Starbucks Coffee!”

  1. all i wanted to know is when i was young i had some paranormal events. such as seeing people that past ect. then it went away now i got multiple sclerosis. i am 44 i was a registered nurse for 10 years. now some ablilities have come back stronger and its not like watching a film like people say on these sites it just comes to me lke it was in my memory. and i have dreams about the past about people that i am suppose to warn them about if i dont i just keep having something nagging me about it. and my house i live in used to be terribly haunted until i treated it about 3 or 4 times bur i still continue at times when necessary . my main question is after a main trama to your brain is it normal for your childhood abilities to even come back stronger and how do i exercise them its just random people right now and i figured your the only one i could trust i seen you help the younger children and i know your real. thanks michelle waters please help me sir

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