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It’s time to turn up the SPOOK

I thought I’d share a couple of spooky experiences that I have had. The first was many years ago and it was about 6 to 8 months after my paternal grandmother passed away.

I was sitting in the living room with my mother when the phone rang. I hopped up and ran to the kitchen to answer it. It was my grandmother and we were having a lovely conversation. My mother called out to me to ask who was on the phone. I answered that it was grandma (meaning my dad’s mom, as my maternal grandmother lived with us and was at the house). And instantly I realized that this was impossible because she was dead.

Suddenly, just as fast as the realization hit, the phone call changed – the voice changed, the tone changed, and it turned into a wrong number, and then it was over.  The connection was lost. Talk about bizarre. I told my mother what had happened and she agreed it was strange. She had heard me speaking to my grandmother. We had talked too long for it to have been a wrong number. I know it happened, and to this day, I still get a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach when I think about it.

My second story happened about 10 years ago. This time my 17-year-old niece had been killed in a car accident two years earlier and my mother had succumbed to cancer the year before.

I had taken my daughter to the emergency room. The hospital had just recently completed a renovation and the new ER rooms were individual rooms with four walls, a door, and your very own sink inside. It was late at night, and I sat next to my daughter as she was sleeping when water started flowing from the faucet. And then, after a short period, it stopped. It was odd, and I tossed it off as a fluke. A few minutes passed, and the water turned on again. I got up this time to check it out. It was one of those automatic sinks that turns on when something passes in front of the senor, but there wasn’t anything around the sink. The water stopped, and I returned to my chair feeling a heaviness in the air. Then, every 5 to 15 minutes on came the water.

I started getting a little spooked. I asked our nurse about it and if they had been having this problem since the construction finished. She told me she had never seen anything like it. Another room opened up and she took us in there. But the room change did not help — water continued to pour from the faucet in the new room. It was eerie to say the least. My daughter was really sick, and I did not want any ghost around us, especially since we were in a hospital (I didn’t want somebody who died there to hang with us). I tried to convince myself that it was my mom and niece trying to let me know that they were still there for us instead. I was so happy to leave the ER finally. I was a nervous wreck and only a very small part was due to my daughter.

My stories are mild and very tame compared to my Blog Chain buddy, Terri. Check out Terri’s Ghost Stories for a wild and scary ride with A Journey Into the Paranormal Begins.

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4 Responses to “Ghost Stories”

  1. Spent several years researching and writing two paranormal thrillers and was always fascinated by what I stumbled across. In the case of SO DARK THE NIGHT, it was a little known occult “working” that involved a leading American Satanist, John Whiteside Parsons, and none other than L. Ron Hubbard, prior to his Scientology days. Got a terrific novel out of that bounce, I tell you…

  2. moved to correct post by admin.


    You have a great blog over here!
    Please accept my compliments and wishes for your happiness and success!
    I love to reading some blogs specially when it comes to spiritual experience
    I have seen some great testimonials about some spiritual experience.

    — Oct 10, 2008 at 5:25 AM

  3. I realy like your layout of your Ghost Stories. Your pictures,I just love them.
    your spiritual experiences of the real thing is great.
    You have a wondeful blog.

  4. Don’t even get me started on hospitals….I have a REALLY good story about an old abandoned one that I’m posting next…maybe it will shed some light on your own experience, and I’m so gonna link to your story in that post!

    Love ghost stories, and I hate to say it, but I would bet it wasn’t anybody you “knew” in the room with you.

    🙂 Terri

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