On The Chain Gang #3 – Quirks

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So, we work through the chain posting one-by-one with the same general focus, and then, we repeat the process with a new topic for discussion. Check out the previous post at Sandra’s blog and the next post will be published at Elana’s blog within the next couple of days. If you would like to read this topic from the beginning, please see Mary’s blog.

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My previous Link in the Blog Chain was on the topic of Story-world Building.

This Round’s Topic is:

What kind of quirky habits or rituals do you have regarding your writing?

(or regarding anything else, if that is more fun.)

Just Call Me Sally…

Remember that great movie from 1989, When Harry Met Sally, with Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal? Well, my friends called me Sally for many years afterward…and once in a while it still crops up today. I am SO Sally when it comes to ordering my food.

And playing games…boy, do certain things drive me insane! My family loves to play games, all kinds. And I truly enjoy the game Sequence, but it may be the one that drives me the battiest. There are cards (one stack per person plus a draw pile) and game pieces (round chips that get placed on rectangle pictures of playing cards on the board) in that game. I am forever reaching around to everyone’s card stacks and making sure they are perfectly straightened, and fixing the round pieces into the centers of the rectangles. Just a tad OCD…ya think? But I can’t help myself – as much as I try, I can’t leave them alone.  Maybe this is why I love the show Monk so much…I can relate.

Drawers, cabinets, and chairs…why must people leave them hanging open, have little bits of stuff sticking out of them, or not push them back up to the table when they get up? Why?!?

You know those beautiful dresses little girls wear with the sashes and big bows on the back. I am a fanatic about those bows being just so. They need to be ironed (they make the prettiest bows when they are neat and pluffy), tied in the center with the ends coming down and not flopping over the loops (hello…tuck the one end through the loop so it does this – it’s not hard), and they MUST be straight and not cock-eyed! Be sure they are even and one loop isn’t larger than the other. I’m not asking much…am I?

Bed sheets…I drive my husband crazy because the bed sheets must be even. They need to hang down the same amount on both sides of the bed. Otherwise, they pull funny, it makes me crazy, and I don’t like it.

My spice shelf is alphabetized…how else do you know right where to find the spice you are looking for!

My rubber stamps and scrapbooking supplies are all organized into drawers with labels, of course.

When I worked outside the home, my desk was pristine. Everything had a place and it was always in it. But at home…that’s another story. My writing space is not so pristine. But if I am looking for something in particular, I can pull it out from the stacks in a jiffy.

I like to write in places like Starbucks, but when I sit down in the nice comfy chair, the table next to me has to be just so. I don’t want my coffee cup to sit on a crack or have the table legs twisted funny, it is a necessity at times to re-decorate the cafe. My coffee needs to be double cupped with the seams lined up and the hole in the lid on the opposite side from the seams (otherwise, it leaks and drips and I can’t stand that). I also need a napkin so my coffee cup does not sit directly on the table.

And with all of these quirks, you would think I would need quiet to write…but NO. I like to have a little background noise. I don’t necessarily recognize or listen to it, but the white noise just kind of lets me escape into my own world and block everything else out.

So, there you have it…just a few of my quirks.

I really want to hear about your quirks so submit them in the COMMENTS at the top of this post!

Don’t forget…the Chain started with Mary, the previous post was Sandra’s, and the next link is Elana’s. Enjoy!

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~ by bloggingexperiments on October 6, 2008.

14 Responses to “On The Chain Gang #3 – Quirks”

  1. DING DING DING! I think we have a winner, well at least in the anal retentive catagory. WOW! I was worried Sandra was too normal, and now you go the opposite way. I’m so glad to hear that at least your desk is messy!
    I won’t list MY own quirks, I’ll do that when it’s my turn in the blog chain, but I do want to say that when you referred to yourself as “Sally”, the picture from the diner that came to mind was NOT of her ordering food (I write romance, what can I say?)!!!!

  2. Okay, we were twins in a former life – I would (and do) soooo do all of that!!! I’ll have to show my husband that I am not the only one who is a sheet Nazi 😀 yay!! Great post, loved it! (and I have to agree with Terri….when you mention When Harry Met Sally, the food ordering part isn’t usually the scene that pops into mind 😉 although I do like the one you have there as well) 😀

  3. Wow! I think you are the quirkiest so far, my neurotic friend. *snort* I’m interested to see Carolyn’s thoughts on this post. 🙂

    When Harry Met Sally is my favorite movie of all time. My husband and I watched on video during our first date back in 1997.

    Fascinating post, Abi!

  4. Sally’s food ordering clip was very hard to find! I could have had the OTHER scene in a heartbeat. It is pretty funny too.

  5. Heather…I didn’t even get into my quirks with my daughter’s medical stuff…OR, heaven forbid…PUBLIC RESTROOMS!!!

  6. First off I love the wonderfully seasonal font color. Secondly, how can you mention Starbucks without specifically stating your preferred beverage (I am a grande skinny vanilla latte). Lastly, thanks to you and Elky, I now know that there are people who are wwwaaayyy more OCD than myself!

    Thanks for a great post!

  7. Kate-

    I had previously posted on Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte…


    and it is a toss up for me on which I prefer the most, the pumpkin spice or the Gingerbread Latte at Christmastime.

    Always Venti by the way. 🙂

  8. Wow Abi! I was worried about my post, but now I don’t think I need to. I love that you straighten cards too. And the background noise is right up my alley also. It’s so fun to learn more about each other, even if it just brings a little comfort. 😀

  9. lol Your quirks do remind me of Monk.

  10. Yes, my mind went straight to the OTHER scene too.

    I can’t alphabetize my spices because my son gets into the cabinet and reoganizes them for me. OCD and toddlers are just not compatible, IMO.

  11. Ooo, Sandra…even when I had three toddlers running around here (my two and my niece), my spices were safe. Lucky for me they reside in an over-the-counter cabinet. 😉

  12. LOL — None of you are actually really OCD yet. All sounds pretty normal to me, actually. Maybe a little quirky, but that’s the point! 😀

  13. I don’t think we’d be able to sit next to eachother at Starbucks…I have a thing with personal space and crooked tables 🙂 I’d drive you crazy(er) lol

  14. Yup, totally there with you on the bed sheets, drawers, cabinets, and chairs thing. It’s not that hard… PUSH YOUR CHAIR IN!! 🙂 Loved the post!

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