I’ve Been Tagged!

My lovely friend Elky tagged me…which I think means that I’m supposed to answer the questions that were asked of her when she got tagged…..so, here we go! (and I cheated and left a couple of her answers, cause they are what I’d say anyways…probably one of the reasons we are friends) 😀 I stole this paragraph from Elky…tee hee!

4 goals I have in the next 5 years:
1. Find an agent and see my book at B&N
2. Finish my Cozy Mystery and start sequels for both series.
3. Be a good wife and mother.
4. Lose weight.

4 places I will visit someday:
1. Clitheroe, England; Scotland; Ireland; Wales
2. Go back to Europe — especially Bavaria, Germany and Paris, France (with Leighanne)
3. Hawaiian Islands
4. New York (or wherever my agent is  )

4 of my favorite foods:
1. Prime rib! with all the fixins (except horseradish…blech!)
2. Roasted chicken with cucumbers and tomato
3. Salad with Sizzler’s Blue Cheese Dressing
4. Milk Duds and chocolate chip ice cream

4 jobs I’ve had:
1. Florist
2. Florist shop owner
3. Property Manager
4. Mom / Aspiring Author

2 places I’ve lived:
1. Orange County, California
2. Why would I need to live anywhere else!

2 places I’d like to live:
1. Vacation house in Vermont
2. New York City (I’ll need a loft for publishing visits)

4 things I’d do with my spare time (if I had any):
1. Read / Write / Blog
2. Create recipes for my books
3. Cooking and baking (as long as someone else does the dishes)
4. Rubber Stamping and Scrapbooking

So, now you know. And now it’s my turn to tag people…Archy, Carrie, and JessicaYou’re It!


~ by bloggingexperiments on October 2, 2008.

One Response to “I’ve Been Tagged!”

  1. Dude, Abi, your post could be mine, too! I love rubber stamping and scrapbooking, I need a vaca house in Vermont, a loft, I adore CA…the list goes on and on. 😀 Well, I’m not a huge steak fan, and I’ve never done much with flowers…but cool to find out more about you.

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