Mischief & Mystery

The Editorial Ass Blog is running a very special fundraiser. Moonrat has a friend in need. Help fight cancer and have a chance to win some spectacular writing prizes!

From Moonrat’s blog…

The Mischief Fights Cancer

Win an editorial review of your full or partial manuscript, your children’s picture book manuscript, your partial middle grade or YA novel, your query letter, or other fun prizes, all while fighting lymphoma! Check out the raffle site here.

This is for a limited time only…so get on over there and get your raffle ticket today!

Jessica <————> Nathan  

Since I have highlighted an editor with two blog sites, I think it only fair to pass along a couple of agent blogs — Nathan Bransford of Curtis Brown Ltd. and Jessica Faust of BookEnds, LLC. These two fabulous literary agents are the authors of helpful blogs for writers, (click above or see my sidebar to the right). Today, they each posted on the topic of Thrillers, Suspense, and Mysteries. Excellent posts both.

Check them Out!!!

And by the way…Nathan is apparently not only an incredible speed reader and economic genius, but quite limber and dexterous as well.

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~ by bloggingexperiments on October 1, 2008.

3 Responses to “Mischief & Mystery”

  1. Speaking of mystery…I just learned the greatest mystery writer I know died about ten days ago: James Crumley. Anyone who hasn’t discovered this man’s work–THE LAST GOOD KISS, THE WRONG CASE, MEXICAN TREE DUCK, etc.–has no idea what they’re missing. Crumley was a student of Richard Yates and crafted highly literate, gritty novels that stand with the best work of the past thirty years, mystery or otherwise…

  2. Cliff-

    Thanks for the heads-up on James Crumley. I’ll have to check out his books.

    And my condolences to those he has left behind.

  3. Those are two of my daily must read agents’ blogs – excellent choices to highlight, Abi!

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