Teenagers with Cell Phones!!!

So, today I received my son’s cell phone bill. **I’m smiling here because I’d be screaming if I didn’t keep my lips glued shut! Deep breath.**

My 15-year-old son, Perry, decided he needed a new ring tone (The Office) and Guitar Hero III Mobile for his cell phone. You know parents, that cell phone that sits at home half the time on the charger because he forgot to charge it the night before, especially on those days when you NEED to call him

On the bill, there was a phone number (and not a toll-free number either) to call with questions. This number was placed within the section where all of his charges were, so I called it. Nice Oliver helped me by offering another number to call (this time toll-free). But the hard-to-understand gentleman on the other end of the line was completely unable to help me with my questions. I called the other number back hoping to get further than I did with Oliver. Guess what…I got Oliver right back (that never happens when you want it to)! Oliver and I went into a little bit more detail this time around. It turns out he works for the company that developed the game and is not the person I need to speak to at all (so his number is on my bill why?). Nice Oliver passed me along to yet another toll-free number, at which I was passed to three different customer service representatives before I finally found the right somebody to help me.

The lovely Amanda checked into the billing and told me that sometimes ringtones and games have hidden subscriptions with them (Buyer BEWARE!). And lucky, lucky Perry found one of each. The Guitar Hero subscription was only $2.99 per month, but The Office subscription was $19.99 per month. YEOUCH!!! And not only were these charges showing up on my bill this month, but they had already been charged for my next month’s bill. My lovely Amanda was able to cancel both subscriptions AND refund the subscription charges for both months on both items, AS WELL AS the charge for the Guitar Hero III Mobile. I love Amanda. I would take Amanda out to dinner, because she saved me (or Perry rather) about $88.00!!! I still have some charges left behind at about $15, but that’s a far cry from $103.

Of course, mom had to be stressed and waste a whole bunch of time (because I have nothing better to do with my day), getting all of this straightened out. Grrr…

Anyone have creative ideas for PUNISHMENT? I mean besides the “He’s gonna pay for this with his gardening money one.”


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  2. Due to the ungodly amount of spam I am receiving from cell phone distributors, I am closing the comments section for this post.

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