Wicked Writerly Fun #3

Status: Although I got a lot of work done on my chapter yesterday, it is not quite finished.  It should be finished today without any problem.

Last Week: The story behind the picture.

Double Trouble

This weeks Wicked Writerly Fun revolves around HOMOPHONES. Sometimes having fun and doing things the wrong way helps you to remember to watch for those pesky mistakes within your work.

The spellchecker has become such a convenience. It is easy to use and easy to trust — falsely. Looking over your work eyeball to the page is still a necessary process. The spellchecker’s function is to check spelling and it does only that. It checks for correctly spelled words and not whether those words are being used in the proper context, thereby ignoring many spelling mistakes.

Sometimes, different words with different spellings sound the same when read.


a well-know Shakespearian quote could be missed completely by the spellchecker if written as,


I thought it might be fun to see what other sentences we can construct that make sense when read yet have the horrible spelling mistakes missed by the spellchecker.

How many different homophone words can we use?  Post your sentences in the COMMENTS section of this post.

Let’s have some fun!

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  1. Your a site four soar ayes! 🙂

  2. Eye new aye saw a hole heard of cows threw the window.

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