Happy Labor Day!

What’s On:  Hurricane Gustav

I put up a new page, The Gatekeepers’ Charge.  It’s about the novel I am polishing and getting ready to send out to literary agents.  Hopefully, one of these wonderful people will pick it for representation!  Please stop by and check it out.  You can find the link in the sidebar on the right, or just click on the title above.  Leave a comment and tell me what you think.

So, it’s Labor Day.  Did you know that Labor Day has been celebrated for over 100 years?  Do you know why it is observed?  Check out this Labor Day link and discover all the details.

In keeping with the holiday, I would like to celebrate a friend of mine who has worked tirelessly to aid and benefit aspiring authors.  Patrick MacDonald is the creator of three great websites!  Three cheers for Patrick…Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!

A free database to research literary agents, gets stats, find query help, and Track your Queries!

The Forum…a community of writers getting together for fun, help, and support.

A social networking community where you can start your own forums and discussion boards, or just join in the fun. This is fabulous for Critique Groups! The discussion boards have the option of going public OR being kept PRIVATE! Awesome.

Here’s wishing you a wonderful and relaxing Labor Day.

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One Response to “Happy Labor Day!”

  1. Hi Abi! And I guess I better do a Labor Day post. Can I just point to yours? Yes, I think I will. 🙂

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