BBQ’s, S’mores, & More

What’s On:  Storm Watch – Hurricane Gustav

There’s nothing like the smell of a barbecue wafting through the air.  Labor Day weekend brings the perfect opportunity to get in some grilling.  Whether its burgers, chicken, steaks, or ribs, smothered in sauce or not, it’s all delicious.  Side dishes you just don’t indulge in everyday, corn on the cob and maybe some homemade ice cream…yum.  Have a barbecue this weekend with family and friends — good times, relaxed conversation, and loads of laughs.  Find some tasty recipes here and here.  Enjoy!

When my kids were little (they are now 15 and 13), we used to go camping in the backyard on Labor Day weekend.  It was the last big hoorah of summer.  We’d set up the tent, build a fake fire ring, play croquet, horseshoes, and Frisbee bowling.  Everyone would huddle around the portable outdoor grill and roast marshmallows for S’mores while we told stories.  We cooked, slept, and ate outside.  It was always great fun (my kind of camping with the luxury of a restroom inside the house).  Happy memories.

I looked for a picture of S’mores and found this tribute to the tasty treat. Dumb but funny…

What some of my friends call — Legework…

I’ve discovered an amazing way to put off doing any work.  It’s called blogging.  Since I started this blog, I’ve done next to nothing polishing my manuscript.  Can this continue?  NO!  But, I’ve had so much fun finding all the ins-and-outs of making this blog a great place, not to mention all the fun little widgets and gadgets, etc. to enhance the experience.  My saving thought is that at least I’m writing.  But hey, I am working on a book trailer and a novel page for my blog, so it’s like pre-promotion, right?

Keeping an eye on Hurricane Gustav

My dad lives near the Gulf Coast in Mississippi, and I was thrilled when he called yesterday to tell me he headed north to my uncle’s home.  He waited too long and didn’t go far enough north when Katrina hit – Scary!

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