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Yeah!  It’s Friday.  New episodes of Monk and Psych are on tonight.  You have to love these shows -well written, quick witted, fun.  It’s time to work on my OCD and hone my observation skills (always good for a writer).

I’ve been researching the idea of making a book trailer.  Looks interesting.  What do you think?  It definitely has possibilities.

As I was tinkering with script, I realized that making a book trailer might be an excellent exercise for writing a query letter.  You can’t blather on and on with a book trailer.  You have to find just the right words and phrases to get the story across in the limited timeframe.  How awesome.  Maybe if you fleshed that out a bit you’d have a decent synopsis section for a query.

Another thought…

I’d like to do some amusing things with this blog, and have some wicked writerly fun.  Here is my first idea.

Create a Character Sketch for Bertrand Cutteridge

Write a 100-word sketch and post it in the comments section.  Let’s see how many different character ideas we can collect.  Have fun and BE CREATIVE!

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7 Responses to “Wicked Writerly Fun”

  1. Don’t have a writer sketch yet 🙂 Just wanted to say that book trailers are indeed lots of fun to make, and do really get you to pare down your book to the bare necessities – an excellent way to start a query 🙂

  2. Okay, I’ll play. Mine is exactly 100 words. I’m sure not what you were thinking Abi!

    Forty-four year old Bertrand Cuteridge is the hottest dean on campus. Or so the women of Yale say. His wavy black hair, with traces of grey along the temples, and periwinkle blue eyes only make stares from co-eds worse. And for the lucky girl who gets to see him at the gym, oh-la-la! His six-foot five-inch frame offers a nice arrangement of lean, well built, muscles.
    Single, but in a relationship with his supermodel looking girlfriend, he is still voted most eligible bachelor of the East. Does it hurt that he comes from money? Not at all!
    Cheers! Bertrand Cuteridge!

  3. Sarah, I love your sketch. Here’s mine…exactly 100 words, too.

    Cutter, as everyone at the docks knew him, was slightly hunched, with grizzled hair, and a few missing teeth. He carried bits of twine and other odds-and-ends in the pockets of his oversized coat, but you never saw him without his knife. He moved around the waterfront like he’d lived there all his life. Growing up along the Thames in 1850 London, he fended for himself. He knew the area and everyone in it. He made a fair shilling or two snitching to the coppers. But this snitch had a secret, and someone was after Cutter to keep him silent.

  4. exceptional character sketches! i need to send mine to my muse first – that’s how all Laverne’s coworkers came to life… bertrand needs to have an adventure that only leighanne is privy to – then, and only then, will i post it for writerly eyes….

    y’know, i think you’re 100% right about the book trailer – it’s a perfect way to write the query! i had been thinking that i’m gonna really suffer with writing that, since it’s so NOT visual – the plot in my book is a movie in my head, but the query letter is as still as the water puddles in my basement. GREAT idea – thanks, abi!

  5. K, this is hard because I have a character named Bertrand in my current WIP – last name is not Cutteridge, but I can’t think of anything else but my Bertrand, so here you go! 🙂

    Bertrand was the kind of man most women would marry, although it probably had more to do with his money than his looks. If he did not have such a penchant for gambling, women, and wine, his brown hair might have flowed in glossy waves instead of hanging in lifeless, greasy strands. His similarly brown eyes might twinkle in merriment instead of leering at the servant girls, blurry with sleep deprivation and shot with red streaks of blood. Yet, by nobility’s standards, he was a prize; good name, good money, and good face. Too bad his fiancée did not agree.

  6. Oh, and mine was 100 words exactly too 🙂

  7. Elky, nice sketch! Your Bertrand sounds like a bit of a slick Willy. 🙂

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